Foundations conference session exposes divisions on medication treatment

October 2, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Roland Reeves, MD, delivered on a promise that he would lodge some strong opinions at a Moments of Change conference breakout session on medication-assisted treatment.

Mine the complexities of treating food addiction

October 1, 2014     James Greenblatt, MD
Attention to comorbid conditions proves critical in addressing disordered eating.

SPECIAL SERIES: Treatment centers have capacity to lessen chance of sexual misconduct

September 28, 2014     Alison Knopf, Contributing Writer
In the final installment of a series, Alison Knopf looks at how addiction treatment facilities can organize and supervise treatment to reduce the risk of inappropriate sexual behavior toward patients.

Research measures Dominion drug screen's influence on outcomes

September 27, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Data published in an open-access journal indicate the ability of a Dominion Diagnostics urine drug screen to monitor prescribed medication compliance as well as illicit drug use.

Faces & Voices and Young People in Recovery will merge

September 26, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
The boards of the two national recovery community organizations have worked closely together in the past, and now will consolidate administrative resources.

Body image captures wide reach in eating disorders

September 26, 2014     Natalie P. Goodwin, PhD
A Menninger Clinic professional treating eating disorders discusses therapies that speak to increasingly prevalent body image distortion issues.

Rush to quality: Fla. probe of sober homes fuels interest in best-practices summit

September 26, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
The National Association of Recovery Residences' (NARR's) first best-practice conference for the recovery home industry couldn't have come at a more opportune time.

Obsession with healthy eating complicates work with some eating disorder clients

September 25, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
An accompanying issue known as "orthorexia" can prove damaging for some eating disorder patients, as well as for people around them.

BREAKING: Addiction fighters want FDA chief to step down

September 24, 2014     Julie Miller
Margaret Hamburg has been under fire for months for allowing FDA approval of opioid drugs that have high risk of abuse

SPECIAL SERIES: Bring sexual misconduct out of the shadows

September 24, 2014     Alison Knopf, Contributing Writer
Inappropriate sexual behavior by counselors in addiction treatment facilities is underreported, and can exact heavy costs on providers.


Buyer Be Aware - Advertisements for Intervention Training need to be carefully considered – revisited!

September 22, 2014     David Brown
Too many publicized trainings in intervention take on the character of creating an "interventionist lite."

Challenges abound in the substance use disorder workforce

September 16, 2014     Rebecca Flood
What are the main issues facing the substance use disorder treatment field today? Join the discussion on possible solutions.

'If not me, then who?'

September 3, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Disappointing accounts of how the military treats substance use issues have convinced Frank Greenagel to serve yet again.

Buyer Be Aware - Advertisements for Intervention Training need to be carefully considered!

September 2, 2014     David Brown
Would-be interventionists need to be informed of the extensive requirements for certification.