Web-based intervention enhances treatment, refocuses clinicians

April 24, 2014     Shannon Brys, Associate Editor
While computers are replacing the need for people for many functions – computerized tax filing systems, self check-out lines at the grocery store, textile-producing machinery – will they soon be making clinicians obsolete in the addiction treatment field?

Mass. takes new direction on regulating Zohydro

April 24, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Massachusetts officials this week enacted restrictions on the prescribing of the potent painkiller Zohydro after their attempt to ban use of the medication was headed for failure.

FDA panel votes against approving morphine-oxycodone opioid

April 23, 2014     Shannon Brys, Associate Editor
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee unanimously voted against the approval of Moxduo, the first drug that combines morphine and oxycodone into one capsule

Court says Alabama chemical endangerment law applies to unborn

April 23, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
A decision this month by the Alabama Supreme Court led to an outcry from groups advocating substance use treatment services for pregnant women.

Dominion scientific adviser honored for work in genetics

April 22, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Kenneth Blum, PhD, is working with Dominion Diagnostics to advance a genetic risk test for determining individuals' predisposition to addiction.

Two new regional conferences for addiction professionals set for 2015

April 22, 2014     Shannon Brys, Associate Editor
Vendome Healthcare Media will be hosting both an East Coast and West Coast conference in addition to its National Conference on Addiction Disorders for 2015.

Group treatment agreements: amplifying the therapeutic

April 22, 2014     Izaak L. Williams, CSAC, and Lorrain Burgess, CSAC
Clinicians can construct group treatment agreements that assist patients in practicing skills such as mindfulness and delayed gratification.

Integrity Recovery House for Men opens Wednesday

April 21, 2014     Shannon Brys, Associate Editor
The 40-bed residential recovery house for men in New Jersey focuses on treatment, recovery and community reintegration.

A cookbook for addicts

April 21, 2014     Shannon Brys, Associate Editor
The cookbook has a four-week meal plan that is meant to improve the overall health and balance of individuals in recovery.

Albuquerque council member seeks excise tax for addiction, MH services

April 21, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Albuquerque, N.M., City Council member Klarissa Pena says new revenue is needed to offset cuts that the local behavioral health system has experienced in recent years.


Eyes on Tennessee for action regarding pregnant substance users

April 17, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Numerous health and advocacy groups are urging Tennessee's governor to veto legislation that would expose pregnant women who use substances to arrest and jail time.

Drug-sniffing dogs: You're hired

April 14, 2014     Shannon Brys, Associate Editor
One treatment center has implemented drug-sniffing dogs into regular business to ensure that drugs are not on the property.

Coming-out Issues for LGBTs: Connections to Substance Use and Treatment

April 7, 2014     Michael Shelton
Dr. Raven James, author of “Sexuality and Addiction: Making Connections, Enhancing Recovery,” discusses the importance of the coming-out process for LGBTs

MDs and the public weigh in on marijuana

April 2, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
New opinion surveys of physicians and the general public show more support for medical uses of marijuana than for legalization of recreational use.