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Avoid these three pitfalls in outpatient care delivery

February 8, 2016  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
A more positive approach from professionals could hold the key to improving outpatient treatment outcomes, speakers suggested at the Addiction Professional Summit on continuing care.

Treatment centers aren't helping patients nurture a sense of self

February 6, 2016  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
The closing keynote speaker at the Addiction Professional Summit on continuing care challenged treatment programs to embrace a much broader concept of patient outcome.

Hazelden Betty Ford chronicles journey to becoming a recovery center

February 5, 2016  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
The opening keynote presentation at this week's Addiction Professional Summit outlined how recovery management has transitioned from an add-on to a core competency in one of the nation's highest-profile treatment organizations.

CASA probes complexities of symptoms indicating possible food addiction

February 2, 2016  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
Extending its focus beyond alcohol and drug addiction, the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) has issued a report summarizing the latest knowledge regarding eating behaviors that closely resemble addictions.

National leaders advance understanding of brain disease concept

February 1, 2016  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
A group of leaders, including the directors of the two addiction research institutes at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), seek to explain how discoveries in neurobiology are destigmatizing addictive behavior.

Network of scientists wants overhaul of drug policy evaluation

February 1, 2016  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
In advance of a United Nations General Assembly international meeting on drug policy, a network of scientists is calling for use of a broader set of measures to evaluate policy initiatives, beyond drug use data alone.

Father Martin's Ashley staff drives Skip's Hall's streamlined design

January 29, 2016  |  Julia Brown, Associate Editor
Through meetings with architects, Father Martin's Ashley turned admissions and treatment transition ideas into a reality.

Findings document difficulty of determining marijuana-related impairment

January 28, 2016  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
Tests performed on adults before, during and after driving in a simulator illustrate the challenge of using blood THC concentration data to evaluate impairment while driving.

Buprenorphine: When to stop treatment

January 28, 2016  |  Roland B. Vendeland, MEd, MA, LPC, and Ronald Rager, MD, MPH
Two professionals state that there is no ideal way to project the duration of buprenorphine treatment, explaining that individual patient variables should dictate whether to maintain or taper.

Survey: Public strongly supports less criminalization of addiction

January 27, 2016  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
Results of a survey commissioned by the Legal Action Center clearly indicate that public attitudes about addiction mirror the recent tone from national policymakers and candidates for office.


'It's not trauma'

February 2, 2016     Dan Griffin
Men's trauma too often remains invisible to those affected by it and to the professionals who treat them.

The patient becomes the helper

February 1, 2016     Gary A. Enos, Editor
A public radio station's "Kind World" series recently featured an example of one of the most meaningful ways to give back.

Vivitrol facts and free naloxone, courtesy of the police

January 22, 2016     Gary A. Enos, Editor
A Massachusetts town's community meeting to embrace opioid users and their families offers another example of a changing mindset in some local police agencies.

Faces & Voices walks the walk on the nature of the disease

January 1, 2016     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Faces & Voices of Recovery leaders engaged in much discussion before deciding to share publicly the cause of a colleague's death.