Facilities targeting specialized needs of opioid-dependent and pain patients

December 19, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Medical leaders from two addiction treatment facilities explain how their operations have become more specialized in their approach to opioid addiction and pain recovery.

IC&RC takes board seat in health advocacy organization

December 18, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
The International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC) has received a seat on the board of the Coalition for Health Funding, which advocates strong investment in public health initiatives.

BREAKING NEWS: Federal agents raid another South Florida recovery home

December 17, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Federal authorities on Dec. 17 seized files and computers from Real Life Recovery, which operates outpatient services and a sober home in Palm Beach County.

MTF survey: Most youth use patterns down, but e-cigs present new concern

December 16, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
With the latest Monitoring the Future data showing young people's use of some substances at historic lows, anti-drug leaders' attention is turning to concerns over some youths' emerging attraction to electronic cigarettes.

Automated EEG biofeedback proven effective in treatment for substance abuse

December 16, 2014     Julia Brown, Associate Editor
The technique can provide an alternative to the drugs commonly used to treat attention-deficit disorder and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, which have the potential to spark addiction or relapse.

American Addiction Centers buys Recovery First

December 16, 2014     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief
American Addiction Centers will add a 56-bed Florida facility to its current portfolio of six treatment centers.

New York City organization will offer LGBT services available citywide

December 15, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
The Outreach treatment organization in Queens has established what it refers to as the first specialized program in the borough for gay and lesbian clients.

Discrimination fights in California continue to challenge sober homes

December 15, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Costa Mesa, Calif., is the latest site where government and recovery community leaders remain bitterly divided over attempts to regulate recovery home operations.

Spectrum hires veteran administrator and trainer to run correctional operations

December 15, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Spectrum Health Systems' Bret Youngblood has worked in numerous state correctional systems and has become a nationally known trainer in offender services.

BREAKING NEWS: Patty McCarthy Metcalf is new director at Faces & Voices

December 12, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Patty McCarthy Metcalf, best known in the field for her decade of service directing Vermont's influential statewide recovery organization, has been named executive director of the nation's most prominent recovery advocacy group.


Early projection from Faces & Voices director: Policy over process

December 13, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Patty McCarthy Metcalf expects to hit the ground running when she takes over as Faces & Voices of Recovery director on Dec. 29, as she looks to re-energize collaborations and keep a close eye on public policy.

Daily Beast article offers incorrect assumptions about AA

November 28, 2014     Rebecca Flood
An article posted after the death of actress Elizabeth Pena misunderstands the nature of the 12-Step fellowship.

Word is out: E-cigs are in

November 18, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Opinions remain divided on e-cigarettes' risks and benefits, but now there's no doubt over the devices' trendiness.

Confessions of an Addiction Counselor: The Top 4 Mistakes I’ve Made in My Career

October 30, 2014     Heidi Voet Smith
"Principles over popularity" is a good rule of thumb for any addiction counselor.