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Nursing director, day treatment manager hired at Betty Ford

July 27, 2016  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
Loralie Yzerman, who has experience in both critical care and substance use settings, is the new director of nursing at the Betty Ford Center.

Addiction Professional earns national honors

July 26, 2016  |  Tom Valentino, Senior Editor
Vendome Healthcare Media Group publications recently received five awards from nationally recognized journalism programs.

Supervised injection sites could open in U.S.

July 26, 2016  |  Tom Valentino, Senior Editor
San Francisco, Seattle and Ithaca, N.Y., are among the first U.S. cities considering opening supervised injection facilities, an unconventional measure that has been implemented in nine countries to reduce overdose.

Recovery conference will benefit university research center

July 26, 2016  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
Proceeds from September's University of North Texas Recovery Conference will support the university's Office of Substance Misuse and Mental Health Recovery Research.

Physician sees wide patient acceptance of alcohol monitoring

July 25, 2016  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
Remote alcohol monitoring technology such as the products developed by Soberlink can offer an important accountability mechanism for recovery support, says a physician leader in addiction treatment.

AATOD announces 2016 award recipients

July 25, 2016  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
Patient advocate Brenda Davis and Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) director Michael Botticelli are among this year's honorees from the American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence (AATOD).

Testing company launches trial in screening for genetic variables in drug response

July 22, 2016  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
InSource Diagnostics is recruiting patients for a study employing urine testing to help determine which patients have a genetic mutation affecting response to drugs such as opioids.

Diverse curriculum, recovery coaching among cornerstones of Fairbanks young-adult program

July 21, 2016  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
Indianapolis-based Fairbanks' two-year-old Odyssey Program for young adult men has constituted a major part of the center's response to the opioid crisis.

Warriors Heart introduces specialized treatment for veterans, law enforcement

July 21, 2016  |  Tom Valentino, Senior Editor
On 540 acres just outside San Antonio, Warriors Heart, a private inpatient facility, provides treatment exclusively to veterans, law enforcement, firefighters and first responders.

University research center will expand knowledge of nutrition's role in alcohol disorders

July 20, 2016  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
The only federally funded Alcohol Research Center with a focus on nutrition could shed further light on supplement treatments to mitigate some of alcohol's most harmful effects.


Accreditation takes on added importance

June 29, 2016     Rebecca Flood
Licenses and certifications are not enough of a determinant of quality for addiction treatment and recovery facilities, Rebecca Flood states in a look at accreditation.

Recovery residence community needs code of ethics

June 16, 2016     Beth Fisher Sanders
Areas such as appropriate boundaries, proper drug screening practices and ethical marketing are addressed in a national code of ethics for sober living operations that is currently under review.

My personal thoughts on the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando

June 13, 2016     Phil McCabe, CSW, CAS
NALGAP president Phil McCabe says this weekend's tragedy should remind us to hold accountable anyone who espouses hate.

Why professional and experienced interventionists are necessary

May 23, 2016     David Brown
A recent exchange with a person conducting interventions and compromising confidentiality demonstrates the importance of monitoring activity in the intervention arena.