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Landscape of Clinical Evidence for Pharmacogenetic Testing (PGT): Summary of Current Evidence and Expert Perspectives

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Genetic testing can determine how a patient will respond to specific medications based on their genetic makeup. It can produce information on medication response, providing crucial data to clinicians in key moments during treatment, and addressing the age-old question of why certain medications work, and others do not.

In this white paper, explore the latest research and processes surrounding genetic testing protocols during treatment, and learn how to:

  • Target specific medications, to specific patients, to improve outcomes
  • Maximize the effectiveness of care plans, specifically in regards to patients with co-occurring disorders
  • Minimize the economic, physical, and emotional burdens of ineffective medication trials
  • Identify and predict medication response based upon a constant factor: genes

Download this complimentary white paper, and begin honing the precision of the treatment provided at your center.

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