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Helping Patients Remain in Treatment Supports Positive Long-Term Outcomes

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Study: Identifying Risk Factors to Alleviate ACA Discharge and Improve Patient Outcomes

Early identification allows for early intervention. Early intervention leads to improved outcomes.

Recognizing patients who could be at risk is an important step in the treatment process. By understanding which patients are at risk of leaving against clinical advice (ACA) and what to look for during intake—clinical teams can proactively prevent ACA discharge and ultimately positively impact long-term outcomes for patients and their families.

In a study conducted by Foundations Recovery Network (FRN), intake data was used to identify factors associated with a greater risk of ACA discharge. Some identified factors focused on the type or frequency of drug or alcohol use, while others pointed to beliefs and attitudes of the patients.  Using this research, FRN facilities have found themselves better positioned to support patients in achieving treatment plan goals, resulting in long-term and sustainable recovery.

Download this white paper to review the findings of this latest research, and learn the precautionary steps you can take early on in the treatment process to avoid ACA discharge, relapse, and recidivism.