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Editors Picks

New research quantifies problem of prescription stimulant misuse

April 18, 2018  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
Data derived from national surveys indicate that the problem of prescription stimulant misuse among U.S. adults numbers in the millions.

Study explores challenge of initiating patient on injectable naltrexone

April 17, 2018  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
New research offers hope for those who might assume it is too difficult to transition an opioid-dependent patient to injectable naltrexone in a community-based setting.

First non-opioid to treat withdrawal clears key hurdle

April 13, 2018  |  Alison Knopf, Contributing Writer
An advisory committee to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is recommending approval of lofexidine, which would offer an alternative to opioid medications for treatment of opioid withdrawal symptoms.

SAMHSA grants will encourage wider access to naloxone

April 12, 2018  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
Methadone treatment programs and buprenorphine prescribers are among those eligible for federal grants to encourage wider distribution of opioid overdose reversal drugs.

Respect, not coddling, for buprenorphine patients

April 11, 2018  |  Sylvester Sviokla, MD
A physician in recovery sees patients soar with an assist from buprenorphine.

Prison-based medication treatment in Rhode Island is reducing overdose deaths

April 9, 2018  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
An innovative opioid treatment program in Rhode Island's correctional system has leaders on the national level marveling at its data.

Overdose death data show growing stimulant problem

April 6, 2018  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
2015-2016 data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate significant increases in overdose deaths involving stimulants.

RX Summit 18: NIH unveils opioid-focused research initiative

April 4, 2018  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
The new Helping to End Addiction Long-term (HELP) initiative could include collaborative demonstration projects in states hardest hit by the opioid epidemic.

Rx Summit 18: More physician treatment programs are needed

April 3, 2018  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief
Physician health programs are frequently lauded as models that produce superior outcomes, but more resources are needed to respond to the demand.

Netflix film profiles society's appetite for Adderall

March 29, 2018  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
"Take Your Pills" examines how pressures to excel have fueled demand for prescription stimulants.

Liver cancer outcomes compromised in patients with alcohol problems

March 28, 2018  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
New research has found that liver cancer patients whose cancer was related to alcohol use had worse survival outcomes than other patients with the disease.

Conference highlights Connecticut's pacesetting medication treatment in prisons

March 14, 2018  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
A plenary session at the conference of the American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence (AATOD) featured a look at signs of progress in the correctional and insurance arenas.