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Panelists of Addiction Professional Panel Series - Austin, TX

Todd J. Dugas, LCSW
Executive Director
The Last Resort Recovery Center

Todd joins the Last Resort team after starting, developing and managing 30-day Inpatient, 90-day Intensive Residential Treatment and Extended Sober Living programs for the past 15 years.  Todd has been a dedicated licensed addictions clinician for 23 years and an accomplished senior-level director for 15 years.

After earning his master’s degree in 1998, from the University of Texas in Austin, Todd started developing programs for dually disordered clients. The spectrum of addiction and mental health services ranged from chronically homeless men, women and children to those presenting with acute psychiatric crisis and post-hospitalization stabilization needs.

In addition to his professional development, Todd draws upon his own experience of over 25 years as a recovered man and his active work with men seeking recovery.

Ilana Zivkovich, LMSW, LCDC
Clinical Director
Promises Austin

Ilana joined the Right Step & Promises Austin team in 2012, and has been in the role of Clinical Director at Promises Austin (holistic addiction treatment center for adults age 26 and up) since February 2013. In her role as Clinical Director, Ilana ensures that each client and family served at Promises Austin receives first-rate addiction treatment with an emphasis on treating the whole person and the whole system.

Prior to joining the organization, Ilana served as the Director of Clinical Development at Austin Recovery, a 200+ bed non-profit addiction treatment center in Austin. In that role Ilana developed programs to meet the needs of a diverse clientele with extensive psychiatric and medical comorbidites. Working within a multi-disciplinary team, she helped deliver evidence-based, clinically sophisticated treatment.

Ilana brings passion and dedication to her current work both as Promises Austin Clinical Director and as a private practitioner. Ilana has professional experience in chemical dependency treatment, grief and loss counseling, shame resiliency, dual diagnosis, crisis intervention, trauma, and experiential modalities – a multifaceted background that she uses to promote comprehensive and individualized care.

Ilana received her Bachelor’s of Science in Social Work with highest honors from the University of Texas at Austin, and obtained her Masters in Social Work from the same institution. Ilana has served as an honorary faculty member at the Texas A&M Health Science Center of Behavioral Medicine, and is a member of NASW (National Association of Social Workers).

Leslie F. Crowley, M.A., LCDC
Burning Tree Lodge

Leslie F. Crowley, M.A., LCDC is a clinician at Burning Tree Lodge, having worked there for over 5 years. Leslie has worked in the field of addiction on and off since 2000, after receiving her B.A. in Psychology and having started her own personal journey into recovery. Leslie received her Master’s in Counseling in 2010 and is trained in EMDR, specializing in trauma and treating dual diagnosis related to chronic relapse.

Leslie fosters a unique and direct approach in meeting clients where they are and weaving the recognition of “mind, body & spirit” into their experience.

Leslie is a sought out presenter and has spoken on issues related to chronic relapse, having sat on panels, presented to addiction specialists, and is used as a resource for industry publications and blogs.

Gary Enos
Editor of Addiction Professional

Gary A. Enos has been the editor of Addiction Professional since its inception. He blogs on topics of interest to counselors, advocates, and executives in the addiction treatment field. Enos will serve as moderator of the discussion.