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Strengthening the Therapeutic Relationship – Denver, CO

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Strengthening the Therapeutic Relationship

Denver, CO - June 11, 2015



Individual interactions are the heart — and soul — of addiction treatment, one of the factors most closely associated with positive long-term outcomes. Yet every patient presents unique circumstances, and often initial hesitation, to treatment. And clinicians must be ever mindful of ethical concerns and boundaries, especially as social media, texting, and other technologies offer opportunities to engage patients in new ways. Addiction Professional examines practical strategies to strengthen the therapeutic relationship to “break through” to reluctant clients, individualize their treatment based on presenting needs, motivate them to make meaningful change, and prepare them for continuous follow-up and a fulfilling life in recovery.

  • Identify successful strategies for engaging reluctant patients.
  • Uncover presenting issues that call for tailored treatment approaches to facilitate meaningful change.
  • Devise a strategy for aftercare follow-up to diminish the potential for relapse.        


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