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In December 2012, Gary Enos, Editor-in-Chief of Addiction Professional, hosted a panel discussion with experts from around the country on the topic of recovery-based care.  The discussion was held at B. Pinelli's restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island.  The three panelists included:

  • Dale Klatzker, PhD, President and CEO of The Providence Center
  • Steven Gumbley, MA, ACDP II, Director of the New England Addiction Technology Transfer Center housed at the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies at Brown University
  • Kim Dennis, MD, Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director at Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center

Check out the article and series of podcasts below to learn more about recovery-based care from these experts. 

Building a recovery-based system of care (article): The three panelists discuss issues related to having a recovery community center and educating the public on the meaning of recovery.

PODCAST: On our way to recovery-oriented systems of care: Klatzker talks about the need to make recovery-oriented systems of care more integrated and organized.

PODCAST: 'Parity has made things much worse': Dennis discusses the main issues she has found related to the treatment field.

PODCAST: Recovery community has the potential to make a difference: Gumbley stresses how important it is for people in the recovery community to make their voice heard.

PODCAST: No one should keep their recovery a secret: Dennis gives a personal example to illustrate the lack of knowledge that the general public has about what it means to be in recovery.

PODCAST: Making an investment in recovery: Klatzker says it's important to "put your money with your mouth is" and make the investment in recovery.

PODCAST: 'Super Bowl Sunday is one of the toughest days': Because Super Bowl Sunday is a tough day for those in recovery, Klatzker says that his organization hosts a party on that day each year at their recovery community center.

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