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Gambling Addiction and Related Co-Morbidities

With the number of gambling options in Arizona and the Southwest, treatment professionals undoubtedly encounter clients with gaming- and gambling-related issues. On November 7, 2012, Addiction Professional will bring together clinicians and policy makers from across Arizona to discuss treatment for gambling addiction.

Join Addiction Professional Editor Gary Enos for lunch and a panel discussion with experts from around the country who will address the unique treatment needs of people with gambling addiction and related co-morbidities.

The panel of experts will discuss:

  • Treatment modalities for individuals with gambling addiction, including residential treatment and other levels of care
  • Effective clinical strategies for individuals who struggle with both substance use disorders and problem gambling
  • Clinical factors unique to the subpopulations most affected by gambling addiction, including the elderly and young adults
  • The impact of the changes in gambling disorders' classification in the DSM-5

This Addiction Professional panel event is made possible with the support of the following sponsor:

Promotional Partners: Magellan of Arizona, Employee Assistance Professionals Association of Central Arizona

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