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Family Dynamics in Addiction Treatment, Pittsburgh, PA

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December 3, 2014

Pittsburgh, PA



Addiction professionals in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, community and beyond came together on December 3rd, 2014, to discuss family dynamics in addiction treatment. The event, produced by Addiction Professional, featured several panelists to provide their perspective:

  • Tom Callahan, Vice President, Eastern Recovery Division & Executive Director, White Deer Run, Inc.
  • Karen Plavan, Director , The Oasis Recovery Center
  • Amanda Thomas, Family Advisor, Forging Futures
  • William Harris, Clinical Program Supervisor, Mount Regis Center                                                        

(For full biographies of the panelists click here.)

The event was moderated by Doug Edwards with Addiction Professional. Each panelist shared unique insight on the challenges and opportunities faced in working with families. Click below to listen to podcasts.

  • Tom Callahan discusses the importance of identifying the impact that addiction has on the family
  • Karen Plavan speaks on the necessity of recognizing that addiction is a family disease
  • Amanda Thomas discusses  the importance of working with the ‘unidentified patients’ during the treatment and recovery process
  • William Harris discusses the value of educating the family on the basics of addiction

The event was made possible through the support of Dominion Diagnostics and Cove Forge/White Deer Run

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