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Designer Drugs: Trends and Treatment Techniques, Providence, RI

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October 1, 2014

Providence, RI



Post Event Coverage - Designer Drugs: Trends and Treatment Techniques

To understand the trends and effects associated with designer drugs, addiction professionals need to get out into their local communities and learn what's on the street, a group of treatment and research experts told an audience at the Oct. 1 Addiction Professional panel series event “Designer Drugs: Trends and Treatment Techniques.”

That effort should even involve visiting local shops where users of synthetic compounds buy products, because designer drug trends vary greatly from community to community, said panelist Robert E. Martin, an intervention and sober coaching consultant who formerly directed substance abuse services at Carolinas Medical Center Mercy. Martin also urged clinical professionals to form partnerships with local law enforcement and schools in an attempt to stem the spread of synthetic drugs.

The event in Warwick, R.I., supported by Dominion Diagnostics and also sponsored by AdCare Hospital, American Addiction Centers and Foundations Recovery Network, outlined the basic properties and impacts of synthetic cannabinoids and stimulants. Joining Martin on the panel were John Femino, MD, medical director of Meadows Edge Recovery Center in Rhode Island, and Tara Bogs, director of AdCare's Rhode Island outpatient operations.

Panelists pointed out that since many healthcare facilities and providers do not test for the presence of popular designer drugs, users of these compounds who exhibit problems are often misdiagnosed with another illness. “With cannabinoids we often see a misdiagnosis of psychosis,” Femino said. “A hospital will check for pot, but not synthetic marijuana.”

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