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Building Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care

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August 6, 2013                                               Austin, Texas


“What worked for me and what works for some clients doesn’t work for others. And so having an open mind to things years ago I would have said, ‘Absolutely not, that’s not even sober,’ well, maybe for this person it’s right. Maybe for this person it’s the only thing that will work. …  I don’t know all the answers. I don’t know how to beat this disease in every case. If all of us have a little more of that open-mindedness the silos will be broken down.”—Greg Fabry

Addiction professionals in the Austin, Texas, community and beyond came together on August 6, 2013, to discuss building a recovery-oriented system of care (ROSC). The event, produced by Addiction Professional, featured several panelists to provide their insights on ROSC:

  • James Boone, MD, an Addiction Physician at La Hacienda
  • Greg Fabry, Executive Director of the Men's Program at Benchmark Recovery was one of the panelists at this event.
  • Steven Murphy, Executive Director of Alamo City Treatment Services/The Right Step
  • Ilana Zivkovich,  Clinical Director at Spirit Lodge

(For full biographies of the panelists click here.)

The event was moderated by Addiction Professional publisher Doug Edwards. Each panelist shared unique insight on the challenges and opportunities faced by building a ROSC. Click below to listen to podcasts.

The event was made possible through the support of Dominion Diagnostics, The Right Step/Spirit Lodge, La Hacienda, Benchmark Recovery Center, and Beacon House.