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Building Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care

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July 25, 2013                                               Nashville, Tennessee


Photo courtesy of Medivance Billing Service, Inc.

“Recovery work, healing work, to me, is based in community. It’s not based in an individual therapist, it’s not based in an individual treatment center. … The healing happens within real, integrated, connected, soulful communities.”—Lee McCormick

Addiction professionals in the Nashville, Tennessee, community and beyond came together on July 25, 2013, to discuss building a recovery-oriented system of care (ROSC). The event, produced by Addiction Professional, featured several panelists to provide their insights on ROSC:

  • Nita Chester, Director of Nursing at the Cumberland Heights Foundation
  • Lee McCormick, founder of Integrative Life Center, The Ranch Recovery Center, and Canyon Treatment Center
  • Dr. Margaret Nagib, a Faculty Member of the Timberline Knolls Clinical Development Institute
  • Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes, Director of Outpatient Services at Foundations Nashville

(For full biographies of the panelists click">">here.)

The event was moderated by Addiction Professional publisher Doug Edwards. Each panelist shared unique insight on the challenges and opportunities faced by building a ROSC. Click below to listen to podcasts.

The event was made possible through the support of Dominion Diagnostics, Medivance Billing Service, Foundations Recovery Network, and Timberline Knolls.">" target="_blank">">" style="width: 164px; height: 85px" />">" target="_blank">">" style="width: 150px; height: 55px;" />">" target="_blank">">" style="width: 150px; height: 64px;" />">" target="_blank">">" style="width: 175px; height: 70px;" />