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Vermont police see differing stances on opioids vs. marijuana

March 17, 2014
by Gary A. Enos, Editor
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Vermont police organizations are expressing concerns that while the administration of Gov. Peter Shumlin has made eradicating opioid addiction a top priority, the governor has appeared open to considering marijuana legalization along the lines of the new laws in Colorado and Washington.

In response to a recent letter from Shumlin to police, three police associations on March 17 issued a press release expressing their opposition to legalization, as well as concern about any plans to expand the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in the state.

The Associated Press reported that Shumlin wrote in his letter, "I think there is much Vermont can learn from Colorado and Washington in this regard. It is too soon to draw any evidence-based conclusions as to the public safety and public health effects of legalization in those states at this time."

The Vermont Association of Chiefs of Police, the Vermont Sheriffs Association and the Vermont Police Association expressed that they are united against legalization and that they base their concerns on issues around health risks, highway safety and employment. 

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