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Timberline Knolls launches new blog

February 29, 2012
by News release
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Timberline Knolls has launched its own blog, which offers information and resources for professionals, families and individuals who may need help or are in recovery. The blog will answer important questions the center often gets from referral sources and families. It will reveal insights that may help treatment providers and family members in their efforts to address a loved one's illness.

"Timberline Knolls Treatment Blog will share stories of hope and inspiration," said James Gresham, chairman and CEO of Timberline Knolls. "It will give readers a chance to get to know members of our clinical staff and gain more personal insights and information about our unique treatment approaches."

Monthly contributors from Timberline Knolls to the blog will include: Kirsten Haglund, Miss America 2008, eating disorders awareness advocate and community relations specialist; Kim Dennis, MD, medical director; Juliet Zuercher, RD, nutrition coordinator; and Margaret Nagib, PsyD, spirituality clinical coordinator.

Other monthly features on Timberline Knolls Treatment Blog will cover highlights of special events on campus, including photos and videos. There will also be recaps and listings of Timberline Knolls' outreach, education and awareness events across the country.

"Our referral sources are based all over the country and many don't have a chance to visit our campus regularly, if at all," adds Gresham. "This will be another avenue for them to stay in touch with the latest news on campus.  The information on the blog will be a valuable resource for them to share with their clients and families."