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St. Gregory Retreat Center to implement Brain Resource tools for addiction treatment

April 12, 2012
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Brain Resource, developer of innovative cognitive assessments and tools to improve brain health, has announced that St. Gregory Retreat Center will begin using MyBrainSolutions-Clinical, which combines the company’s MyBrainSolutions and WebNeuro products.

MyBrainSolutions-Clinical will help assess patients’ cognitive and emotional capacities, and offer online brain exercises to enhance thinking, self-regulation and personal resiliency. St. Gregory, located in Des Moines, Iowa, utilizes cognitive behavior therapy, neurocognitive therapy, behavior modification training and other evidence-based elements as part of its chemical dependency recovery programs.

“Numerous studies have suggested cognitive training can improve brain processing deficits associated with mental health conditions. Our tools will work hand-in-hand with the St Gregory Recovery Program to address cognitive aspects of an individual’s recovery,” said Gregory A. Bayer, PhD, CEO of Brain Resource, Inc. “We are excited to partner with St. Gregory as our assessment and personalized online cognitive training programs will assist patients in reestablishing confidence in their cognitive skills, promote stress reduction and improve resiliency.”

MyBrainSolutions-Clinical incorporates Brain Resource’s WebNeuro, a clinically validated tool for objective assessment of core cognitive strengths and weaknesses in addition to emotional capacities. Backed by the world’s largest brain database, the WebNeuro assessment is delivered online and instantly so that St. Gregory counselors will be able to profile and track each patient’s cognitive capacity as they progress in recovery.

The company’s MyBrainSolutions, a scientifically designed, online brain health solution used to know and train the brain for peak performance, will provide each patient with a tailored program of brain exercises to address each patient’s unique needs.

“Cognitive processing is particularly important when treating patients with addictions as it could directly relate to the underlying causes of dependency,” said Michael Vasquez, Chief Executive Officer of St. Gregory. “As an organization that emphasizes the importance of cognitive therapy, we believe the use of MyBrainSolutions-Clinical will provide additional support to our patients, potentially preventing future relapses and resulting in a more thorough and healthy reclamation of our patient’s lives.”