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Spectrum uses innovative data-gathering to evaluate women's recovery needs

August 26, 2016
by Gary A. Enos, Editor
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Massachusetts-based addiction and mental health treatment provider Spectrum Health Systems has used a “World Café” model of collecting stakeholder input in order to identify service needs for women in recovery. The process, which will shape a strategic action plan for Spectrum over the coming months, identified a safe living environment and viable educational and vocational opportunities among recovering women's most pressing needs in the community.

The World Café format uses open small-group discussions to inform a larger-group format. Spectrum employed this process to gather feedback from a cross-section of women on resources that would benefit them in recovery.

An Aug. 24 news release from Spectrum states that early findings from the data gathered in the World Café format include, “Unmet basic needs are a primary concern,” and “The stigma of recovery remains a significant barrier to accessing treatment and recovery support services.”