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Lakeview Health launches pain recovery program

October 11, 2017
by Gary A. Enos, Editor
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Jacksonville, Fla.-based Lakeview Health has announced the launch of a new service targeting patients experiencing both addiction and chronic pain. The program will include a twice-weekly process group that will focus on pain recovery and peer support.

The new program is being led by Adrian Blotner, MD, who is board certified in both psychiatry and pain medicine. “The multidisciplinary services will emphasize specific therapeutic techniques to treat the chronic pain, stress, anxiety, mood, sleep and addiction,” Blotner said in a news release from the addiction and mental health treatment facility. “We will also be using safe, non-habit-forming medications to treat the nerves that transmit the pain.”

The process group will offer patients a pain education curriculum and skills development for mindfulness techniques. A wellness team that will be involved with the new program includes physical therapists and certified personal trainers.