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Caron will launch program for legal professionals

November 14, 2016
by Gary A. Enos, Editor
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The former founder and director of the Hazelden Legal Professionals Program will launch a similar program at Caron Treatment Centers in early 2017. Link Christin will serve as executive director of a program that will incorporate pre-entry, residential and post-residential educational and clinical services for attorneys.

Christin serves as vice chair of the American Bar Association's Substance Use Disorder Task Force and also founded the consulting firm Heightened Performance, LLC.

“Legal professionals often deny they have a problem and go to great lengths to protect their career, which means they avoid seeking help until their condition becomes critical,” Christin said in a news release from Caron. “For these reasons, it's vital we provide a treatment program tailored to their needs.”

Services in Caron's program will include coordination with law firms, professional disciplinary boards, licensing agencies and state lawyer assistance programs, among other entities.