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Shatterproof plans 28 fundraising events in 2015

February 17, 2015
by Gary A. Enos, Editor
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Shatterproof, an addiction awareness organization founded by a former hotel executive in tribute to his late son, has announced a series of 28 fundraising events for 2015 in which participants will rappel from a tall building to reflect the battle of people facing addictions.

The first Shatterproof Challenge event of this year will take place on April 2 in Miami. Other stops on the nationwide series of challenges will include Los Angeles, Dallas, Seattle and Washington, D.C.; there will be twice as many events in 2015 as there were last year. The events usually attract around 100 participants per city and feature corporate sponsors and a landing pad party with food and music.

Gary Mendell founded Shatterproof under the original name Brian's Wish in 2012; his older son Brian died in 2011 after having struggled with addiction in his teens and early 20s. Mendell has sought to establish an uplifting message to the community, as well as to raise awareness and dollars at a time when research, public policy and changing public attitudes are converging to create unprecedented opportunities for substance use prevention and treatment.

Shatterproof hopes that this year's events, for which no training of participants is necessary, will attract a total of 3,000 participants and will raise $5 million.