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Serene Center moves forward with computer technology for all residents

October 6, 2011
by News release
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Access to the internet has become a paramount concern for all those searching for jobs in this difficult economy. Serene Center has always had several computers available to residents to aid in their job search and schooling efforts.

Now, Serene Center is installing a computer in every residential unit to give further access to all those in need. In addition, Serene Center operates a Wi-Fi network throughout the facility should a resident possess their own computer. All computer access is content filtered for inappropriate websites including pornography, gambling, and gaming.

Sober living environments generally have one computer for use in the facility, but this does not grant enough access to critical resources such as job search websites, distance-learning programs, and recovery oriented sites. Additionally, most sober living environments with just one or two computers do not invest in the technology to content filter inappropriate sites.

Serene Center believes in helping people to help themselves to a long-term lifestyle of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. If access to an increased duration of time with technology is a contributing tool to that effort, then Serene Center is going to support the recovering individual.

Serene Center Long Beach bridges the gap between primary treatment and customary sober living with a specialized 46-bed men's transitional sober living home for alcoholics and addicts in early recovery. We help people transition themselves to a better quality of life through certified therapy, education, and balanced center living guidance.