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San Cristobal Academy adds new members

January 21, 2011
by News release
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Taos, N.M. — San Cristobal Academy, a residential substance abuse facility for young adult men, has hired Scott Gilbert to assume the role of vice president of business development, and Mike Baldassare as director of outreach and web development. Both Gilbert and Baldassare are experienced professionals in the field of addiction treatment, according to Dave Johnson, owner and CEO of San Cristobal.

“I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have these two join our team,” said Johnson. “They whole heartedly support what we are trying to do here at SCA and believe that we can make a long lasting impression on the young men who come here.” San Cristobal Academy’s Ranch experience is located on a 130-acre parcel of land in Northern New Mexico, and offers nature as a teacher of life’s lessons. Young men who attend will experience outdoor expeditions, learn life skills, earn college or high school credits, and receive therapeutic care for their substance abuse and mental well being.

“Nature has always been my motivator in my recovery,” explains Baldassare. “Having been through a therapeutic wilderness experience at the age of 21, I know what it is like to transition from such an environment to an aftercare program. I took this job to help create the ideal program for a guy like me coming out of a wilderness program. One that supports the connection most wilderness clients make with Mother Nature during their experience. The new and improved San Cristobal Academy is the transition I wished for when I was looking for my next step out of a Primary Treatment experience.”

Gilbert added: “When I sold the treatment centers I was an owner of in New Mexico in 2006, I always knew that at some point I would come back. New Mexico is a very special place to me… when I was still using I always said that if I ever got sober, I would move to New Mexico because of the spirituality I felt there when I was visiting as a young child. I am so grateful to be working for San Cristobal Academy and to be part of a program that puts young men on the right course early so that hopefully they will not have to struggle for as many years as I did.”

For more information about the changes and new leadership at the San Cristobal Academy, call (866) 918-8383 or visit