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RxDrugSAFE featured in campaign for secure storage of prescriptions

October 21, 2010
by Press Release
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Las Vegas — Purdue Pharma and the National Community Pharmacists Association recently announced the launch of a national educational campaign called "Safeguard My Meds," to increase awareness about the importance of safe storage and disposal of prescription medications. The RxDrugSAFE is featured in the launch as a product that securely stores prescription medications in an effort to prevent misuse and abuse of powerful and potentially dangerous drugs. The "Safeguard My Meds" program focuses on parental responsibility for safe and secure storage of prescription medications in the home and offers valuable suggestions to parents on how to prevent unwanted access to prescription medications. For more info about this program, please visit http://www.safeguardmymeds.org.

"We are absolutely thrilled with and commend Purdue Pharma and the National Community Pharmacist Association for developing this much needed program and taking the lead in addressing the very pressing problem of prescription drug abuse," said Lorraine Yarde, CEO at RxSAFES, Inc. "We designed the RxDrugSAFE specifically to offer families a real, yet convenient security solution for the problem of unrestricted access to prescription drugs in the home. A staggering percentage of households do not lock up their medications, which allows toddlers and teens to easily access those medications. Families now have a new hi-tech weapon, the RxDrugSAFE, to prevent prescription drug access and abuse."

In June, RxSAFES launched the RxDrugSAFE, a secure prescription medication lock box designed by security experts and recommended by doctors and pharmacists, to secure prescription medications within the home. The RxDrugSAFE is a patented safe designed to hold up to 12 prescription pill bottles securely in the home. Made of rugged 17-gauge steel, the RxDrugSAFE utilizes advanced fingerprint technology that recognizes only authorized adults and allows them to open the safe. The RxDrugSAFE is the only medicine safe that can be securely mounted in the home or used when traveling.

Prescription drug abuse among teenagers in the United States has become a serious concern. A National Survey on Drug Use and Health identifies that one in five teenagers have abused prescription medications—pain relievers, stimulants, sedatives and tranquilizers. About 70 percent of teens that abused those drugs say they obtained them from family and friends. (National Survey on Drug Use and Health.)

For more information on the RxDrugSAFE please visit www.rxdrugsafe.com.