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Refurbishing more than computers; Refurbishing lives after addiction

October 16, 2012
by Shannon Brys, Associate Editor
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Early this month, an Austin-based company gave back to the community that helped launch its success. Michael Dadashi, CEO of MHD Enterprises says that he attributes much of his success to recovery centers such as Benchmark Recovery Center. In early October, Michael Dadashi returned to Benchmark Recovery Center, where he volunteers weekly, for a special “full-circle” story of giving and receiving. As a gift to Benchmark Recovery Center and its residents, MHD Enterprises presented Benchmark Recovery Center with brand new computers.

“If people are willing to put in the incredible amount of work and determination it takes to stay sober, then they already have most of what it takes to make a great employee,” said Dadashi, “Many of the employees at MHD Enterprises are graduates of Benchmark Recovery Center, and they are more loyal and hardworking than any people I’ve met. I’m honored that I can provide something that enables a smoother transition into recovery.”

Recently, Benchmark Recovery Center announced its partnership with MHD Enterprises in order to help Benchmark Recovery Center residents, post recovery, with job employment and developing work skills. For several years, MHD has provided employment opportunities to graduates of the Benchmark Recovery Center program. And now, Benchmark Recovery Center has announced that they have formed an informal partnership in this regard, reaching out to one another to help graduating residents of Benchmark Recovery Center as they continue on to a life of permanent sobriety after addiction.

“Benchmark Recovery Center, at its most basic, is a program aimed at refurbishing lives. On October 15, 2012 Benchmark Recovery Center opened its sober living community, called Segue, and MHD donated eight computers, one for each apartment. Michael has been instrumental in helping our center by employing graduates of our program. He gives second chances to people that the vast majority of other companies would never consider,” said Marsha Stone, CEO of Benchmark Recovery Center.