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Reaching out to Canadian doctors about medical marijuana

October 14, 2013
by Gary A. Enos, Editor
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Up north of the border, a medical marijuana company is proceeding straight to the healthcare provider community in an attempt to bring about more prescribing of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis.

Toronto-based MediJean announced last week that it has established a multifaceted education program on medical marijuana, including a continuing medical education (CME) course for Canadian physicians that will begin next January. Earlier this month, Canada’s healthcare system authorized MediJean to grow medical marijuana for research and development purposes.

MediJean chief strategy officer Anton Mattadeen said in a news release, “This strategy will see us deliver CME courses, offer a secure online community for health care practitioners to engage their colleagues around the world on this issue, and provide a direct means for doctors and nurse practitioners to give us their immediate feedback and for them to receive the most relevant information in return.”

Mattadeen added that discussions with Canadian practitioners have led to the conclusion that they want more information on marijuana’s potential medicinal uses. The CME course will touch on topics that will include research findings about marijuana, regulatory information concerning the drug, and prescribing guidance.

The company uses this statement in its communications as the tagline describing its mission: “MediJean is leading the rebirth of medical marijuana through a laser focus on research, quality and patient experience by implementing best practices here and around the world.”   



Well, it's pretty open in the country. A lot of province has opened its doors to this kind of healing.