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Pine Grove launches new unit for elderly patients

July 11, 2012
by Gary Enos
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 Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services, known nationally for its specialized treatment of process addictions in addition to its work in substance use and mental health, has opened a new treatment program for individuals ages 60 and older.

The new Legacy program was designed with the assistance of Carol Colleran, who in the late 1990s was instrumental in the development of the Center for Older Adult Recovery at Hanley Center. Colleran is the co-author of the guidebook Aging and Addiction: Helping Older Adults Overcome Alcohol and Medication Dependence.

The Hattiesburg, Miss.-based Pine Grove’s Legacy facility has eight detox beds and 16 residential beds, with an extended-care option for individuals who need 60 days or more of treatment. “Once admitted to the program, it’s important to acknowledge that treatment for older adult addicts takes on a slower pace, due to complex physical, mental and possible cognitive impairments,” Colleran said in a news release.

Debbie Sanford, Pine Grove’s chief officer of behavioral health services, explained that as the organization saw more elderly individuals in its programs, it became aware of the physical and generational differences that make these individuals more suited to a specialized program than to traditional treatment approaches.