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Outreach and Samaritan Village announce strategic partnership

December 22, 2011
by News release
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Outreach and Samaritan Village have announced a strategic partnership between the two long-established and well-regarded alcohol and substance abuse treatment centers, both headquartered in Queens. The agencies, each a not-for-profit, will refer prospective clients to each other and undertake unique collaborations that capitalize on the strengths of each organization—Samaritan as a premier provider of adult residential substance abuse treatment, specialized services for veterans and medically-assisted care, and Outreach as a specialist in treating teens and adolescents, women with children and training programs for behavioral health professionals.

In addition to a referral exchange, other mutually beneficial aspects of the partnership will include providing an enhanced range of services to clients, increased opportunities for collaborative staff training and professional development, and a stronger platform for expanding initiatives to address service gaps for special populations. Both organizations emphasized that the move is not a merger, but an alliance based on mutual respect for the professionalism and commitment each brings to the communities they serve.

"Our goal is to capitalize on each other's strengths, and the historically close relationship we have had, to offer a full continuum of quality services, ranging from care for adolescents and their families to comprehensive treatment and support for adults," said Kathleen Riddle, president and CEO of Outreach. "This strategic alliance will strengthen both agencies and will offer a competitive edge in this rapidly changing and challenging environment."

Tino Hernandez, president and CEO of Samaritan Village, said "This partnership is based on a careful analysis of the value and strengths of our respective agencies. We are especially excited about the potential of this initiative to enhance the outstanding work currently being done by both agencies' staff. We are confident that this partnership will serve to strengthen and well position both organizations for the future, with the ultimate beneficiaries being the clients and families we serve."