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NIDA course helps physicians address substance abuse

October 27, 2014
by Julia Brown, Associate Editor
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Helping physicians provide care for patients who are at risk for substance abuse is the focus of a new continuing medical education/continuing education course (CME/CE) available through the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

The course, “Talking to Patients About Health Risk Behaviors”, is an online module that provides real-time patient simulation so healthcare professionals can practice motivational interviewing, a technique that enhances patient/clinician interaction about problem health behaviors.

A joint program between NIDA, Medscape Education and SIMmersion, the course was developed by internal, family and emergency medicine experts with the support of NIDA’s Blending initiative, a program that helps translate the latest research findings into useful clinical tools.

It is the third in a series of continuing medical education online modules currently provided by NIDA. Close to 100,000 healthcare professionals have taken the other two courses centered on practicing opioid prescribers: Safe Prescribing for Pain and Managing Patients Who Abuse Prescription Drugs.

Development was funded by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy as part of the NIDAMED initiative, NIDA’s program to encourage clinicians to screen for substance use disorders.

A fourth CME/CE is in the works to be offered through NIDA that will target clinicians who work with adolescents.