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New legal synthetic drug trend among young adults

August 15, 2013
by Shannon Brys, Associate Editor
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There's yet another dangerous legal drug trending among young people that parents and families need to know about—a synthetic cigarette liquid known as "Blue Blossoms." Available at most smoke and head shops, this synthetic liquid when smoked through an electronic cigarette (e-cigarettes) creates psychological effects similar to marijuana, Spice/K2, and even ecstasy. At Morningside Recovery, an addiction and mental health treatment center in Newport Beach, CA, they are seeing more and more Blue Blossoms abuse with their younger clientele, which raises new concerns for all e-cigarette smokers.

E-cigarettes comprise a nearly billion-dollar industry that claims to provide a safe alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. Unfortunately, the popular product can be easily manipulated into drug paraphernalia through Blue Blossoms and other legal synthetic oils. Blue Blossoms fragrance is even labeled, "Not for human consumption" and "Product is not for sale to minors," but these warnings are said to do very little to curb the spike in misusage among young adults.

"A chemical such as Blue Blossoms reinforces the inaccurate belief that use is safe if it can be purchased legally. Individuals who use this substance report the same effects as illicit drugs as marijuana and ecstasy but remain unaware of the negative effects that come with use," says Morningside Recovery's clinical director and primary therapist Dr. Gerald Grosso.

The effects of Blue Blossoms include, but are not limited to: distorted sense of time, bursts of euphoria, lowered awareness, and elevated heart rate.

"Since Blue Blossoms is new to the market we don't know yet the addictive nature or if there are lasting consequences, but abuse of this substance is already there and prevalent among young adults," Grosso explains.

The legality and resulting illusion of safety surrounding e-cigarettes and Blue Blossoms are part of what makes it so dangerous and addictive. Additionally, its emergence among young people signals a potentially new mode of addiction that is unpredictable. New legal or illegal synthetic drug oils like Blue Blossoms should be brought to as many peoples' attention as possible in order to prevent abuse and distress for users and their loved ones.