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New group for grandparents of addicts to share and connect

August 30, 2013
by Shannon Brys, Associate Editor
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The Addict’s Mom, an organization dedicated to helping mothers of addicts was founded by Barbara Theodosiou of South Florida. Theodosiou had the idea for this organization after she discovered that two of her four children were addicted to drugs. Feeling hopeless, she reached out to the community and started the Addict’s Mom.

The Addict’s Mom provides support, education and resources to thousands of mothers across the country in order to change society’s perception that an addict is someone who has a choice and is weak-willed.

As more grandparents commented about the love, trials and tribulations of raising their grandchildren, Theodosiou developed the idea for the Addict’s Mom G2G (Grandparents to Grandparents). Grandparents are often put in a difficult position, both financially and emotionally, of taking on the responsibilities of raising their grandchildren at a later stage in their lives. They often feel ashamed and guilty for their grandchild’s inability to break away from their addiction.

Theodosiou has recently been announced as the 2013 recipient of the advocacy award at this year’s Foundation’s Moment of Change Conference held in September.