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Resources assist in emotion regulation for patients with alcohol disorders

January 25, 2018
by Gary A. Enos, Editor
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A pair of resources for addiction professionals and patients are designed to assist in the management of negative emotions in individuals with an alcohol use disorder. The resources from the University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions grew out of a body of research that has explored the connection between negative emotions and substance-using behavior.

The book Emotion Regulation Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorders outlines a weekly 12-session treatment protocol combining cognitive-behavioral treatment and emotion regulation strategies, helping patients to manage negative emotions without resorting to drinking. An accompanying patient workbook, Managing Negative Emotions Without Drinking, includes exercises and skill practice guidance in areas such as mindfulness and direct experiencing of emotion.

“Nearly half of all clients in treatment fo an alcohol use disorder report frequent heavy drinking in situations involving unpleasant emotions,” said Paul R. Stasiewicz, a senior research scientist at the institute. “However, there were no well-developed, empirically tested treatments to specifically address drinking in response to negative emotions.”

More information about these resources is available on the Routledge Press website.



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