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Florida House launches gender-specific addiction treatment programs

April 8, 2011
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Many addiction treatment centers adopt a one-program-fits-all approach, but recent studies have shown that this rarely works. The Florida House Experience, a drug and alcohol treatment facility and sober living community in southern Florida, recently launched gender-specific addiction treatment programs designed to meet the specific needs of men and women.

“Experts increasingly identify gender as an important factor that influences addiction treatment and recovery,” said Dr. Castellon, Medical Director. He notes that patients require different treatments based not only on their addiction type, but also the underlying factors that led to those addictions. “Our gender-specific addiction treatment programs recognize the need for comprehensive addiction treatment tailored specifically to men and specifically to women,” said Dr. Castellon.

Dr. Castellon explains that the effects of drug addiction and alcoholism are different for men and women, and their physical and psychological responses to drugs and alcohol are also different. Whereas female substance abuse tends to lead to low self-esteem and depression, men are more likely to struggle with a sense of failure and discouragement after relapse.

The licensed and experienced clinical and medical professionals at The Florida House Experience emphasize the different spiritual, biological, social, psychological, and emotional issues faced by men and women in the addiction treatment programs. They are also prepared to treat common concurrent disorders, such as post traumatic stress disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, and eating disorders.

“Research has shown that women react more positively to addiction treatment when they enroll in a gender-specific addiction treatment program,” said Program Director Donnell Neal explained, “Our gender-specific programs enhance outcome and efficacy of addiction treatment for women.”

Mark Kline is CEO of Treatment Helpers, which provides free referrals to more than 15,000 treatment centers for drug addiction and alcoholism throughout the United States. “Experts in the addiction field are increasingly demonstrating the benefits of gender-specific programs for addiction treatment and recovery,” says Mr. Kline. “The programs offered by The Florida House Experience provide a safe, welcoming environment where men and women can receive the treatment they need while tackling the personal, often gender-specific issues related to their drug addiction or alcoholism.”

The programs at The Florida House Experience combine counseling, individual and group therapy, and supervision in an environment where men and women are housed separately. For more information about The Florida House Experience and its gender-specific addiction treatment program, call (866) 421-6242 or visit http://www.floridahouseexperience.com.