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Enterhealth to provide online support for Southern Methodist University

January 19, 2012
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Dallas-based Enterhealth, a medically driven alcohol and drug addiction management company, announced it will provide online substance abuse support services to Southern Methodist University students, faculty and staff.

Enterhealth is providing its online program, EnterhealthSupport.com, to students and employees who use it. Enterhealth provides a comprehensive spectrum of residential and outpatient treatment programs that treat alcohol and drug addiction as a chronic brain disease.

Enterhealth is working with the university to implement the program in two areas:

  • SMU’s Center for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, which provides students with a confidential source of help when confronted with substance abuse or addiction issues, will offer the program to students.
  • SMU faculty and staff will be provided access to EnterhealthSupport.com with complete confidentiality.

EnterhealthSupport.com, provides interactive eLearning modules to promote wellness and prevention as well as critical support across all phases of alcohol and drug addiction. Through EnterhealthSupport.com, users will have access to educational information about drug and alcohol abuse warning signs and prevention as well as self-paced eLearning modules designed to assist a person during or after addiction treatment. Users of EnterhealthSupport.com can allow supporting family members, counselors and other professionals to have access to their individualized accounts.

“As a SMU graduate and member of the Mustang family, I am happy that Enterhealth can play a role in the well-being of SMU’s students, faculty and their families who are dealing with addiction issues,” said David Kniffen, Jr., president of Enterhealth and an alumnus of SMU. “Young people are at a critical point in their lives when the right help and support can be deployed to halt what can be a life-long struggle with substance abuse. But we also recognize that faculty and staff also can have the same struggles, so we’re pleased our online recovery program will support them as well.”

Enterhealth offers EnterhealthSupport.com as a component of its comprehensive addiction treatment program as well as to the public through enterprise adoption and individual enrollment.

In addition to online recovery support, Enterhealth offers a comprehensive addiction treatment and recovery program that includes:

  • Medically supervised withdrawal stabilization (detoxification)
  • Residential treatment at Enterhealth Ranch, a private, 43-acre campus located near Dallas, offering custom treatment plans tailored for each individual client
  • Outpatient treatment for individuals that may not require residential treatment
  • Use of anti-addiction medicines that help addicts achieve long-term sobriety and repair brain damage caused by addictive behavior
  • ‘True’ dual-diagnosis protocols combined with other evidence-based therapies to identify and address other underlying problems such as depression, anxiety or other mental health issues that may be feeding addictive behaviors
  • Intensive individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, online educational support tools, wellness and nutrition programs that are all vital for helping an addict become healthier and sustain sobriety
  • Treatment and recovery services coordinated with other providers, psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors for their patients