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Eating disorders awareness group spreads across campuses

November 16, 2017
by Gary A. Enos, Editor
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The influence of an organization known as Project Heal, which raises awareness of eating disorders and donates funds for treatment, is spreading across college campuses. The Elon News Network this month reported on the efforts of Elon University senior Hannah Durbin to establish a chapter of the organization at the North Carolina university.

Durbin described in the article her own progress from the depths of an eating disorder during her freshman year; she now uses the handle @healthy_happy_hannah for her Instagram posts. She said of her campus environment, “There is normalcy here about restrictive eating and over-exercising that people think is normal because everybody's doing it. It's not normal, and it can lead to really big issues.”

She added, “There is not anything on this campus that talks about eating disoeders, and this community is really, really struggling with eating disorders, but it doesn't get any attention.”

The goal of the Elon chapter, which has not yet been officially registered at the school, will be to create an open environment for learning and healing around eating disorders, whether someone is directly affected or simply is seeking information.

Project Heal was founded by two girls at age 15 who had met during their treatment for anorexia nervosa.