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Creator of stress-relieving product assists military

June 20, 2014
by Gary A. Enos, Editor
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The creator of a stress-relieving therapy dough has partnered with an organization that assists members of the military with stress management. Nancy Rothner, a clinical hypnotherapist, announced this month that every container of her Pinch Me Therapy Dough will pay for a half day of stress management training for a soldier.

Rothner has teamed up with the organization Bootstrap USA on this initiative. Established by a former U.S. Army infantry officer, Bootstrap USA offers troops and veterans a yoga-based stress management course designed to address post-traumatic stress.

Rothner developed her own product to offer an instant and holistic stress relief and relaxation technique. Pinch Me Therapy Dough is a pliable dough infused with aromatherapy, and comes in six formulas.

“Throughout my work, I began to repeatedly witness that clients were able to readily shift from unresourceful emotional states to a better frame of mind simply by introducing a pleasing scent,” Rothner explained in describing one of the features of her product.