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CRC Health Group Unveils Clinical Advisory Board

August 12, 2011
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Cupertino, Calif. — CRC Health Group, the nation's largest provider of behavioral health and addiction treatment services, today unveiled the 10 members of a newly established, national Clinical Advisory Board. The Clinical Advisory Board will be responsible for providing expert guidance as the company develops a cutting-edge treatment delivery system that encompasses the latest innovations and research. The Board will be led by Dr. Phil Herschman, Chief Clinical Officer for CRC Health Group.

Members of the CRC Clinical Advisory Board (in alphabetical order) include:

  • Dr. Kathleen T. Brady, MD, PhD - Professor of Psychiatry at the Medical University of South Carolina, researcher

  • Dr. Thomas J. Brady, MD, MBA- Medical Director of Villa Fairmont Mental Health Rehabilitation Center, Medical Director of Sausal Creek Outpatient Stabilization Clinic, behavioral health consultant

  • Dr. Marc Fishman, MD - Medical Director of Maryland Treatment Centers, Member of the Psychiatry Faculty at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Current President of the Maryland Society of Addiction Medicine

  • Dr. Michael T. Flaherty, PhD - Founder of IRETA (Institute for Research, Education and Training in the Addictions)

  • Dr. Norman G. Hoffmann, PhD - President of Evince Clinical Assessments, Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Western Carolina University

  • Jim Hudak, MPP - Chief Executive Officer of Paradigm Management Services

  • General Barry R. McCaffrey, MA - Former Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, President of BR McCaffrey Associates LLC

  • Cardwell C. Nuckols, MA, PhD - Author, former clinician, program director and hospital administrator

  • Dr. David Powell, PhD, CCS, LADC, LMFT - President of the International Center for Health Concerns, Inc. and the Clinical Supervision Institute, author of Clinical Supervision in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling (2004)

  • Gerald Shulman, MA, MAC, FACATA - President of Shulman & Associates, Training & Consulting in Behavioral Health

"We are delighted to officially announce CRC Health Group's new Clinical Advisory Board and extremely pleased with the caliber of professionals we have assembled to guide us toward an innovative CRC treatment model," said Dr. Herschman.

Each Clinical Advisory Board member has experience in behavioral health and/or addiction treatment or research; their expertise and guidance will help drive CRC Health Group's vision of becoming the recognized industry leader for clinical excellence. This includes providing input on the company's existing quality protocols to increase treatment efficacy and patient satisfaction. Work is already underway, with an in-person meeting scheduled for this November.

"Collaboration between professionals has proven time and time again to be an exceptional catalyst for enhancing services and advancing research," said Clinical Advisory Board member Gerald Shulman. "That CRC has taken the lead by bringing together so many outstanding individuals in the addiction treatment and behavioral healthcare world is a testament to their commitment to their patients - they are showing true dedication to providing patients with the highest quality, most evidence-based care. The willingness of a system to expend resources to enhance their patients' treatment outcomes without an immediate return on investment is the mark of commitment to that goal. I look forward to working with this group."

CRC Health Group offers a nationwide network of addiction treatment and behavioral health services and recently ranked 3rd nationally in overall mental health best practices by the MHCA. Research, outcome studies, and best practices executed by each line of the company's business—including addiction treatment, eating disorder treatment, weight management, and therapeutic programming for troubled youth—will now benefit from the guidance provided by the distinguished members of the Clinical Advisory Board.

"It is an honor to be selected to participate in such an extraordinary 'meeting of the minds,'" said Clinical Advisory Board member Dr. Thomas Brady. "I look forward to maximizing this brain trust and collectively contributing to the enhanced delivery of treatment services, specifically within CRC's large network of programs, and more broadly, for the treatment industry at-large."

Full bios for the Clinical Advisory Board can be found here:

Headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., CRC Health Group is the most comprehensive network of specialized behavioral healthcare services in the nation. CRC offers the largest array of personalized treatment options, allowing individuals, families and professionals to choose the most appropriate treatment setting for their behavioral, addiction, weight management and therapeutic education needs. CRC is committed to making its services widely and easily available, while maintaining a passion for delivering advanced treatment. Since 1995, CRC has been helping individuals and families reclaim and enrich their lives.