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Cliffside offers free treatment to homeless man with "golden voice"

January 27, 2011
by News release
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Malibu, Calif. — One of America's top drug rehab and alcohol treatment centers, Cliffside Malibu, is willing to open the doors of its high-end facility for free to Ted Williams, the homeless former radio announcer who became an overnight celebrity. Cliffside also is offering him the same guarantee it provides all patients: complete all three levels of care, and if you relapse at any time within one year of leaving the facility we will bring you back to receive primary treatment for free. It should be noted that since its founding, no Cliffside patient has ever had to take up the facility on this pledge.
Several weeks ago, as Williams' remarkable story made its way around the world, Cliffside Malibu Program Director Dr. Georgina Smith was contacted by various media to provide her expert prognosis of his potential for success. Dr. Smith cautioned that the sudden pressures of a second chance and superstardom could lead to a relapse, which has reportedly occurred.

"Ted Williams is about to face an almost unfathomable new set of challenges as he not only confronts his ongoing recovery from past drug addiction, but also a new set of intense social pressures and scrutiny as he transitions overnight from homelessness to fame," said Dr. Smith. "Critical to his success will be finding guidance, structure, support and a consistent therapeutic recovery program."

While Williams has received a number of remarkable opportunities, Cliffside Malibu owner Richard Taite is now offering what may prove the most important of all—the chance to receive the highest order of addiction treatment at no cost. "Listening to the radio I heard that Cleveland Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert offered Ted not just a job, but a home, and it literally brought me to tears and I thought 'now there's a good soul,'" said Taite. "The best I can do is offer him a chance to receive the most integrated, comprehensive drug treatment in the country, and a guarantee that Cliffside can help him turn his life around forever."

Added Taite: "All treatment centers are not created equal, and this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Cliffside's doors are open and we hope that Ted Williams will give us the opportunity to help him, but we don't make this offer lightly nor are we the right option for patients looking for a luxury vacation. Cliffside offers help to people who want it, not just those who need it."