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Celebrate A New Life adds equine therapy to treatment program

August 29, 2011
by News release
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San Juan Capistrano, Calif. — Celebrate A New Life, a Christian residential drug rehab and alcohol treatment program located in the coastal communities of Orange County, has announced that it has added equine therapy to introduce a new therapeutic and recreational component of its full-service treatment program.

“We are blessed to be located in the beautiful beachside community of San Juan Capistrano where our year round average temperature is 74 degrees," said Robert (Bobby) Nicholl, Celebrate A New Life’s Director of Admissions. "Our setting allows us to take advantage of the Ortega Equestrian Center which is located across from our main offices."

The introduction of Celebrate A New Life’s equine therapy is the result of a vision and extensive planning which required:

  • Selecting a third party, Bethany’s Gait, to work with. Bethany’s Gait, Inc. is a not-for-profit ranch located in South Orange County that specializes in working with young adults new to recovery and perhaps suffering from depression.

    “Together they help each other heal through unconditional love, unwavering trust and a keen understanding of what the other has been through,” said Cristi Silverberg-Rose, co-founder of Bethany’s Gait.

  • Discovering and participating in The Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA), which encouraged Celebrate a New Life’s employee, Amber Hallen, to become certified in Equine Therapy. Amber is now completing her internship working with Bethany’s Gait.

  • Adopting the perfect horse to “work” with our clients. Bobby Nicholl is happy to report: “Misty is now part of our Equine Therapy team.”

Over the next few months Celebrate A New Life’s team members will observe and refine the Equine Therapy component. Nicholl looks forward to this next stage and says they will be "adding updates to our website which will include equine therapy details, together with photos, videos, and testimonials.”