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Caron Treatment Centers celebrates 50th anniversary

September 27, 2011
by News release
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Wernersville, Pa. — Caron Treatment Centers has launched an ambitious 50th Anniversary Capital Campaign in 2007 and announced that it met its goal of $50 million by the end of its fiscal year on June 30, 2011.

“When Dick Caron founded the Wernersville, Pennsylvania treatment facility on July 1, 1957, his dream was to help as many people as possible find recovery, beginning with one alcoholic at a time. The dream evolved based on a need for treatment and recovery," said Doug Tieman, Caron president and CEO. “Today Caron is the largest nonprofit facility on the east coast, as we continue to broaden the scope, access and quality of addiction treatment.”

In fact, the 50th Anniversary Campaign has raised 101 percent of its $50 million goal, a total of $50,516,189. Tieman added that nonprofit fundraising campaigns are challenging during a recession, which underscores the success of this effort.

“In spite of the economy, I strongly felt that we needed to make our campaign relate to an amazing 50 years,” he added. “The board of directors agreed and developed a robust strategic plan to ensure our continued growth and improved quality of work in the addiction treatment field. We’ve now met capital, annual scholarship and endowment goals.”

The annual scholarship campaign itself has already funded treatment for hundreds of individuals and their families who were desperate for treatment but could not afford it. In addition to the contributions raised by philanthropy, Caron annually designates a significant portion of its operating revenues toward treatment scholarships. In the last year, Caron awarded $13 million to treatment scholarships. With treatment facilities in Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas, Caron serves 4,000 patients every year. Its regional offices are located in Bermuda, Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

“We are immensely proud of this outstanding commitment to recovery by donors, alumni, staff, and local community,” said Tieman. “The Berks County phase of the 50th Anniversary Campaign was chaired by Caron Board Member, Daniel B. Huyett and his wife, Ellen, with a cadre of over 75 volunteers. Caron’s relationship with Berks County has been mutually supportive from the beginning, and residents in need can count on Caron for treatment.”

Caron’s capital campaign has already resulted in the opening in 2009 of the young men’s residential facility on campus, a new separate dining area and a fitness center at Caron, Wernersville, PA. The endowment fund enhances a strong foundation of improvement and growth.

Alcohol and drug addiction is the nation’s number one healthcare issue, yet most people who suffer from this chronic disease do not receive the treatment they need due to lack of healthcare coverage, denial or misunderstanding about the disease. According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, addiction is the most treatable of all chronic illnesses.

As Christopher Lawford Kennedy, Honorary Campaign Chair, launched Caron’s 50th Anniversary Campaign he noted that $50 million was a huge number. “…But, with that $50 million we are going to give scholarships … we are going to improve the quality of treatment at Caron and we are going to do capital improvements that will ensure a dignified, secure and serene environment where individuals and families can get the best treatment available.”

Joseph K. Lauginiger, Jr., executive vice president and chief development officer at Caron, sums up the spirit and success of Caron’s campaign. “The success of Caron’s 50th Anniversary Campaign, A Special Place…A Special Time, the largest in Caron’s history, is an example of the power of recovery and reflective of the gratitude that our grateful alumni and families have for the Caron experience, and their desire to help others to have that experience as well.” he said.