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Burning Tree picks California as focus of marketing mission

April 18, 2012
by News release
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Burning Tree has selected California as a priority for its expanded marketing mission in 2012. The state is a suitable choice due to its high number of drug arrests, incidents of drug smuggling and amount of residents entering short-term treatment programs annually.

The move to generate more awareness of the long-term rehabilitation program at Burning Tree also follows the news that a California doctor allegedly prescribed tens of thousands of prescriptions to patients who did not need them, leading to murder charges in the overdose deaths of three young men.

Former NFL player and substance abuse treatment advocate Jeff Hatch will be a key figure in the marketing efforts in California. As a resident of Los Angeles, Hatch will serve as Business Development Representative, introducing Burning Tree's program to individuals and experiencing dependence issues, their family members and at-risk groups in The Golden State. Referring professionals will also be part of the extended outreach and engagement by Burning Tree.

Burning Tree's focus on helping persons with a history of chronic relapse is based on providing treatment solutions not available everywhere, in addition to a dual diagnosis that routinely uncovers co-occurring dependence and mental health disorders.

Californians who have attempted to achieve recovery through programs lasting up to 90 days are distinctly less successful after one year as evidenced by the national success rate of only 31 percent. The Burning Tree success rate, based on a four-year study, is 73 percent.

To make a Texas-based program more accessible to California residents looking for a drug rehab center, Burning Tree is relying in part on a new video portal located on its website. These short videos feature the team of addiction specialists at Burning Tree as well as views of the lodge and ranch, making the virtual visit a highly informative and enlightening one.

The video portal also contains testimonials from clients who have successfully completed the entire Continuum of Care at Burning Tree.