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BREAKING: Recovery Centers of America announces major financing, date of first opening

December 16, 2015
by Gary A. Enos, Editor
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The much-anticipated opening of a Northeast addiction treatment center under the Recovery Centers of America (RCA) umbrella looks to be happening next May in Maryland. RCA announced today that it has secured a $231.5 million financing commitment from New York-based healthcare investment firm Deerfield Management Company and will open its first center in Earleville, Md.

The announcement comes after months of speculation in the field about the ultimate effects of the rocky zoning approval processes that RCA has experienced in several of the Northeast communities in which it wants to convert unused properties into comprehensive sites for treatment and recovery support. RCA also has announced that it plans to open facilities in the Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., areas in 2016.

“Recovery Centers of America will disrupt the industry by fundamentally changing the availability, quality and delivery of substance abuse treatment,” founder and CEO Brian O'Neill said in a news release. “We will completely change the status quo that requires patients to travel thousands of miles for treatment.”

Added RCA chief clinical officer Deni Carise, “Recovery Centers of America is battling for our patients, bringing world-class treatment options to the very neighborhoods where patients live and work.”

The company has eight development sites in the Northeast region and says it has plans to operate more than 1,200 treatment beds by the end of 2017.

Deerfield Management partner Leslie Henshaw stated in today's announcement, “A convergence of factors in behavioral health is driving an urgent need for treatment options that integrate the entire continuum of care to achieve clinical efficacy that, to date, has been hard to deliver or document.”



It has been a standard for the addiction treatment industry that one has to travel to get quality treatment. Bringing it closer to home will sure make it more feasible to get good treatment.