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Botvin LifeSkills Training launches online education

November 2, 2010
by Press Release
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White Plains, NY — Busy professionals can now access prevention education trainings online offered by the leader in the field. Botvin LifeSkills Training, the top-rated substance abuse and violence prevention program, recently added the LST Online Provider Training for the High School-program to their list of services. The Middle School provider training has already proven to be a huge success among participants.

"In this economy, organizations find it hard to allocate the time and money necessary to train staff," said program developer Dr. Gilbert J. Botvin. "The flexibility of LifeSkills Online Provider Training gives providers full access to our training while staying on site. They can fit training around their instructional schedules and reduce the number of hours out of their classroom."

Flexible, convenient, and cost-effective, LifeSkills Online Provider Trainings address the needs of teachers, school counselors, prevention specialists, community youth educators, and other program providers to receive remote training in the Botvin LifeSkills Training (LST) Middle School and High School programs. LifeSkills Online Provider Trainings introduce participants to the background theory, research, and rationale behind the LST program; teach them the skills they need to successfully conduct the program; provide practical solutions to implementation issues while maintaining fidelity; and give participants the opportunity to practice teaching selected portions of the curriculum in a constructive and supportive environment.

A recent online training participant stated, "I enjoyed this training very much and I will definitely be recommending Botvin's LST to everyone I know. Excellent training material and structure."

Each LifeSkills Online Provider Training consists of both live and self-paced sessions. The first session is a live, trainer-led workshop followed by a self-paced session that is completed according to the participant's schedule prior to the final live, trainer-led session, which is held a few days after the initial one.