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Beverly Hills couple aquires equity stake in Malibu Beach Recovery Center

December 7, 2010
by News release
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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — The Malibu Beach Recovery Center has gained a new partner. Russell Armstrong, managing director of Crescent Financial Partners, Inc., a Los Angeles-based private merchant banking firm, and his wife Taylor Armstrong, cofounder and President of eImplement, Inc., a management consulting firm, and Crescent Financial Partner, have acquired an equity stake in the residential drug and alcohol treatment program licensed and certified by the State of California.

The couple's purchase of the Malibu Beach Recovery Center was both a professional and personal decision to support a business they believe offers a cutting edge treatment program for those who suffer from substance abuse. The holistic program, based on the principles of neuroscience, instills positive change and healing in the lives of those treated at the Center.

“Taylor and I are dedicated to using our business experience and personal relationships to support organizations we know are truly making a difference,” remarked Russell Armstrong, who in 2009 encouraged a family member suffering from substance dependency to seek treatment from the Malibu Beach Recovery Center and who has since made a full recovery.

Added Taylor Armstrong, “While helping victims of domestic violence through my work with The 1736 Family Crisis Center, I witnessed the devastating role substance abuse plays in destroying families. Through our partnership with Malibu Beach Recovery, we offer families a vital tool for stopping the cycle of addiction-related abuse. We are extremely grateful for our ability to provide visibility and resources to a local organization that has made such a positive impact on countless lives.”

Joan Borsten, CEO of the Malibu Beach Recovery Center, and Oleg Vidov, Chairman of the Board, reflected on the Armstrong’s involvement with MBRC: “We are pleased to partner with Russell and Taylor to grow the Malibu Beach Recovery Center. Taylor, through her work at Pfizer, clearly understands the cutting edge neuroscience that is the basis of our treatment system, and Russell will help us begin the process of expanding and licensing our unique system to other treatment centers in 2011.”