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Ariz. program for young women bolsters equine component

August 5, 2014
by Gary A. Enos, Editor
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The new ownership of Sedona Sky Academy, an Arizona residential treatment program for adolescent females ages 13 to 18, announced that it has revamped the facility's equine therapy component in order to enhance its impact on the youths in the program.

Equine specialist Mike Randall is coordinating the effort, under which at present the adolescents are working with horses three days a week. Nearly 100 horses rotate in the Sedona Sky Academy program and the Ashcreek Ranch for young males in Utah; both facilities are owned by Tammy Behrmann and Darren Prince.

“Horses can be our tools to help teach students about healthy relationships and communication,” Randall said in a news release. “Horses give honest feedback to students every time they have an interaction with one another; they help break down barriers between staff and students.”

Sedona Sky leaders state that they base their equine therapy program on the concept of “natural horsemanship,” operating on the principle that horses offer an in-the-moment therapeutic experience promoting emotional growth and healing.