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White Paper Excerpt Program

A white paper (i.e., an educational, informational resource on a specific hot topic, written in vendor-neutral language) is an ideal marketing technique to enhance your brand reputation, demonstrate thought leadership, and generate and nurture leads.

In our white paper excerpt program, you provide us with a case study, white paper, newsletter, or other document. We develop a comprehensive marketing program to promote your resource. We house the document on our web site(s) and notify our readers that the resource is available. Before readers access the document, they answer a few questions—and you receive all of the information, including answers to your specific questions.

Here’s How It Works

Step 1. Readers are notified that the resource is available through a full-page abstract of the white paper published in the magazine, customized e-mail promotions, and/or ads on our web sites or in our e-newsletters.

Step 2. Readers register to access your document by providing their full contact information. You may also ask up to three questions of your choice on the registration form.

Step 3. After registering, subscribers are given access to your document.

Step 4. You receive periodic lead reports (in Excel format) with detailed registrant data captured in the registration form.

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Custom White Paper Development

Have an idea for a white paper, but don’t have the time and resources to write it? Our custom media staff produces research-driven white papers. You own the document to use however you like, and the white paper will be promoted through our white paper excerpt program, as well.