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Video Services

Video is one of the most popular and powerful ways to share your message and demonstrate expertise. We offer video creation services, including filming VIP testimonials onsite at field conferences and our Voices From the Field program.

Video Filming at Field Conferences

We can capture video testimonials of your customers, referral sources, or company executives sharing the value of your services while they’re onsite at field conferences. Our experienced team meets with your VIP at the show, captures their comments in a dedicated media room, and then edits the video to your specifications. We handle all of the work, and you own the video for use on your web site, social media platforms, etc.

Here’s how it works:

  • We schedule a 15-20 minute interview with a company executive, referral source, or customer in a dedicated media room during a major field conference or event
  • We work with you to create relevant questions in advance
  • We provide a professional camera, sound, and lighting crew
  • We create a 3-5 minute video (incorporating your logo, photos, b-roll, and other creative elements) based on your direction
  • The video is posted on our web site
  • The video is promoted in one of our e-newsletters
  • You own the video for your own use, such as on your web site, YouTube, etc.

Contact a representative for a list of upcoming conferences featuring video filming.


Voices From the Field Program

We offer treatment centers and field vendors the opportunity to highlight their thought leaders and expertise in the market in a co-branded video program, allowing you to share important information with current and potential referral sources or customers while benefiting from our brand halo. In our Voices From the Field program:

  • We bring a television-quality video and sound crew to interview up to three thought leaders, such as the executive director, medical director, clinical director, etc., onsite.
  • We develop questions in conjunction with you in advance of interviews.
  • We conduct the interview using a two-camera format, capturing both the interviewer and interviewee.
  • The film crew captures additional B-roll footage of your location.
  • We handle all post-production editing of the footage to your specifications.
  • Three videos (labeled as sponsored content) will use our branding and feature your logo.
  • We place the videos on one of our web sites.
  • We promote the videos in one of our e-newsletters.
  • You have an unlimited license to use the videos and can feature them on your web sites, social media platforms, etc.

We have an experienced video editing team with field knowledge. We have produced dozens of videos for treatment centers and other allied organizations. Through our Voices From the Field program:

  • Your experts are interviewed by us, and the video is co-branded with our logo, allowing your organization to benefit from our brand halo.
  • Our experience in producing videos for the field ensures your messaging will be on target and sensitive to market needs.
  • Your videos will be hosted on our web sites and promoted via our media outlets, providing your videos unrivaled access to field professionals of all types.
  • We handle all of the heavy lifting: We come to your location, work with you to develop questions, edit the videos to your specifications, and share the videos with our extensive audience.