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Online Research

Our online research program allows you to gain invaluable insight on field trends, growth opportunities, feedback on your or competitors’ brands, etc. This research can be used to make strategic, data-driven decisions within your organization, as well as to create white papers or additional content assets.

Our research team will work closely with your marketing team in the creation of an online research program carefully designed to garner information and opinions from members of our audience. We will promote the survey via e-mail and/or in our e-newsletters.

We will aggregate and analyze the survey responses and provide you with a presentation of findings, cross-tabulation reports, as well as the raw data (upon request).

Among our services:

  • Customized survey questionnaire designed to garner the required feedback
  • In-depth survey interviews with our audience
  • Collection and analysis of hundreds of data points
  • Production of a presentation, report, whitepaper, or article showcasing the results