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Focus Groups

Focus groups are ideal for finding out what key decision makers think about market trends, your product or service, areas for growth, etc. We are the only organization in the field with extensive experience in organizing focus groups of addiction and behavioral healthcare professionals.

We organize focus groups at our regional and national conferences. First we identify who you would like to meet. Using this criteria, we recruit focus group participants, first by examining their demographic data and then personally calling them to make sure they meet your target audience. For example, a treatment center planning an eating disorder program might be interested in speaking to professionals looking to refer for such services.

Before the focus group, we work with you and your team to develop a focus group that accomplishes your objectives, whether that is reviewing marketing collateral, examining products and services, asking questions about your brand, soliciting feedback on the purchasing or referral process, etc. We’ll help you draft conversation starters and questions. Keep in mind that these are likely strong prospects, and you’ll be demonstrating that you are listening to their concerns.

On the day of the focus group, participants may receive text message alerts reminding them of the focus group. Signage outside the room will include your logo (unless you’d prefer to not announce that your organization is conducting a focus group). We provide registration personnel to check in participants and provide them their financial incentive (such as a $100 American Express gift card, which we provide). Each participant will have a tent card, and snack and beverage service is provided. You have an hour to dive deep with them. You likely will develop valuable relationships during the session that you will want to continue afterward, and you will be provided with the full contact information on the participants, as well.

Additional options are available, such as recording the session, having it professionally moderated, generating a white paper for lead generation activities, etc.