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Fame, Fortune and Addiction

July 11, 2009
by Lynn Sucher
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As a clinician, I’ve been watching the endless coverage of Michael Jackson’s death from a different viewpoint. I’ve trained in sexual addiction issues and kept thinking, “here is more than likely, a sexual predator, who is being praised as a fabulous human being”. Then, I realized, my empathy had been replaced by cynicism.

No matter how famous, how talented, how rich, everyone on the planet has core issues that drive our emotions and behavior. It made me think of what an effect our family of origin issues have on all our lives and if there is severe untreated trauma, how difficult life can be.

When you look back at what we know of Michael’s life, he was emotionally and physically abused as a child, appeared to have been emotionally arrested at the age of 8 or 9, may or may not have been a sexual predator, and more than likely, died of an overdose. Add the media spotlight, the fame, and the pressure and I believe he lived a truly torturous life.

Instead of receiving substantial treatment for trauma, chemical dependence and who know what else, he was “enabled” by professionals who were seduced by power, money and fame. I found his death to be profoundly sad, not because we lost the “King of Pop”, but because he was a person who suffered and died, caught up in the web of addiction. In the end, he is just another person, lost to this devastating disease.



Yes I agree, Michael Jackson lived in a fantasy world that got him in the end because no one told him the reality of life. Money can ruin you. In my years of counseling in the addiction and mental health fields, I've seen a lot of lost souls seeking the true meaning of life but because money was the root that drove them they felt no one could tell them what to do. As Michael he fits this category. He was a child star who gained stardom before he could even understand what his true life was all about. It is sad that no one told him the truth and we too abused him as well by being awe struck by his many talents of dance moves and singing, knowing this truly was going to efffect him adversely as he got older. When I became a licensed counselor I started examining Michael's behavior from what I heard in the news, the most disturbing of all was when Morton Brachier interviewed Michael how so much of the family secrets were revealed in that interview. I was outraged that this man could be so swindling and persuasive to draw Michael into his "good" graces to think that Michael could trust him. He is a devil in disguise, I observed this man turn green with envy of Michael's ability to buy such extravagant and precious cargo costing over a billion dollars! I don't know what Michael was thinking when agreed to that interview. No one should ever ask anyone to do anything for them when they are not as richly fortunate as the person being interviewed because that green eyed& nbspdevil growing with envy will always rear it's ugly head and Morton Brachier did not do Michael justice and he extorted the truth into a lie and there we go again believing the media when we know well the media is a place where no concerns or regards for the truth exist ever! period! and I have a problem with that. A big problem. These people only have their pockets lined with evil to make a lot of money and they don't care who they hurt! It's the media that kills, destroys, and steal the life from those whom are vulnerable! The media is a green eyed monster that needs to be killed. Look around and see all the advertising we do! It's to line our pockets with money from the weak, poor and helpless! We are abusers too! No matter how we look at it! If we are a part of it and not trying to do anything to stop it! We become a party to those being victimized by the media. So it all comes down to when we see a client in trouble and unaware of the truth what are we going to do. Milk them for all the insurance payments we can get from them or tell them the truth that will fix them immediately? We all have a judgement call to make. It makes no sense to talk like this if we too are just as guilty as the one we are blaming a drug addict or sexual preditor, etc. What do we want really! To stab someone until we see blood injurying the person we despise then when we see we have broken their spirit then we say oh I'm sorry I didn't know I was hurti ng you! Oh please give it a rest save your sorry-ness for someone who don't care how many times we stab them until they are dead or take their own life. I for one will examine myself and learn what my true intentions are for why I do or say anything!!! We have to stop this outrage of a sharade! acting as if we care but not telling the truth either. I challenge myself to tell the truth with whomever I meet I may not ever get that opportunity again. It devasted me to hear of Michael's death so much so I thought that night when I was watching the news on TV that Michael's spirit came to me, he said "It's ok Alice, really, I'm ok. I didn't do those things they said about me. That's why I'm ok, don't cry or be upset Alice, it's going to be alright." I looked over at my husband thinking he heard the same thing I heard, but he was reading a book. For a few days this went on, Michael having a conversation with me after his death! I wasn't sure how real or unreal this was so I entertained it for a little to see how far this would go or if I was going crazy. But now I realized it was my way of grieving for a soul that did not get to live a normal life. He was born for the purpose that he was created for sing and dance in a very creative way, so much talent in one person. But our higher power always sends us gifts we love but when we get in trouble with ourselves we taboo each other! It's sad what we do as humans.20As long as we can enjoy the fruits and rewards of gifted talented intelligence we are fine but then when that is shakened or make us feel less normal we want to turn our heads and look the other way instead of supporting the troubled one through their trying times in life. We may not can fix them or make them listen but we can sure pray for them and prayer can go along way. Just like right now, we hear rumors of all sorts of things happening and coming in the future. What are we doing to change it? Why can't we pray "Lord, please help us, there are terrible times ahead and we need your help to protect us, not just in bad times but in good times too. Without you Lord we can do nothing and we are nothing. Lord, You give us life each and everyday, help us to honor You, glorify You, and give You all the praise, for You alone are worthy." Just small humble prayer is all it takes. This will bring "God" on the scene every time. As a professional this is what we can do to help each other. We will be better counselors and rewarded justly, not by the standards of the laws of this land but by the power of "God."

Lynn Sucher


Lynn Sucher, MC,...

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