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Mutual Aid Resources for Alumni

November 4, 2011
by Lorie Obernauer
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While browsing the web site of Faces and Voices of Recovery, I came across a listing of Mutual Aid Resources. As many of us in Alumni Services know, the 12 step community is not necessarily the “answer” for all our clients. Regardless of whether we personally embrace the 12 step community for our own recovery, I believe that it is our responsibility as Alumni Services professionals, to make sure our clients are aware of all the possible supports for their recovery efforts.

The following explanation about mutual aid resources is provided on the Faces and Voices of Recovery website:

“Mutual aid is the process of giving and receiving non-clinical and non-professional help to achieve long-term recovery from addiction…Mutual aid group members voluntarily support one another by providing social, emotional, and informational support. People who participate in mutual aid groups typically increase the likelihood of sustaining their recovery as well as improving their physical and emotional health and well being. Approximately 5 million Americans (2% of the population over the age of 12) attend mutual aid/self-help group meetings each year”.

Regardless of our own recovery paths, or whether we are in fact, in recovery ourselves, please take a moment to look at this guide and consider whether your alumni could benefit from this information.

What supports do you currently suggest to alumni who are not part of a 12 step community?


Lorie Obernauer

Alumni Coordinator at CeDAR (Center for Dependency, Addiction & Rehabilitation, University of Colorado Hospital

Lorie Obernauer

Lorie Obernauer, PhD, is the Alumni Coordinator at CeDAR (Center for Dependency, Addiction...

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