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Medication Musings

March 21, 2008
by Gary Enos
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When the subject of medication treatments for addictions arises, field professionals convey many conflicted feelings and observations. Our latest poll question on this Web site asks whether the emergence of buprenorphine is making a difference in opiate addiction treatment. While as of this writing most respondents have offered positive feedback, others have lodged criticisms of concern, including that prescribers are not doing enough to ensure that patients receive support along with the drug. What do you think? Is buprenorphine revolutionizing opiate addiction treatment, or have unforeseen problems surfaced in your community? Answer our poll question and include your comments. Also, look for our article in the March/April issue of Addiction Professional on how a Vermont clinic is successfully integrating medication into a comprehensive treatment program.



I managed a 54 bed acute medical detox in NJ. We admitted 10-25 clients almost every day. We used Buprenorphine for the detox meds, the clients reported buying it at doctors' offices and shooting it all before they got home. it only temporarily masks the symptoms of withdrawal. The clients feel good the next day, sign out AMA, and withdraw from it later in the week. Agencies lose sight of the need for counseling and supportive care because so many people are coming in for "clean up treatment" so their tolerance is lowered and they can resume their addiction at a lesser level of heroin or opioid prescription.

Gary Enos


Gary Enos

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